70 degrees Fahrenheit (21-ish Centigrade), and it was snowing earlier this week. Ah, home.

Becca has posted a few blogs, which means it is only a matter of time before I am lightly chastised for my failure to keep up.

I have been in Oklahoma since 17 December, and will be departing for the UK on the 25th. I found out, over break, that at least three of our friends – Becca, Max, and Gavin – have solid plans to come visit Tony and me in March (Max’s second visit). Much amusement will doubtless accompany them.

I was going to make a list comparing Oklahoma to St Andrews, but I got rather bored with it. Perhaps another post.

Considering I have nothing of particular interest to share with what are undoubtedly legions of followers, I invite anyone who is feeling creative (or simply not feeling productive in regards to their own tasks) to leave a comment suggesting a prompt for a post. Becca mentioned to me that some websites provide daily prompts for the lazy individual with a blog, but the people I know are much more interesting than average and, therefore, much more likely to make the idea fun.

If you have been thinking to yourself: “Wait – this is not a game! You are merely attempting to exploit your friends for their creative and original ideas” you are correct. See? I told you you were more intelligent than average.

Now you’ve been flattered.

Pat yourself on the back, kiddo.

One response to “70 degrees Fahrenheit (21-ish Centigrade), and it was snowing earlier this week. Ah, home.

  1. Duly noted and pat-on-the-back acquired!

    I have come up with the best prompt for you: Why is Rebecca the love of my life? As a follow up prompt “reasons Becca is awesome” and “ways I can be more awesome like Becca.”


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