One Week ’til Stateside (assuming no further airport difficulties, which I tend to attract)!

Right. This blog.
Well, so far:
– Crashed a Freshman Tradition with Max Lawson, and became one of the poster-children thereof:
– Turned 24 – and Tony turned 23 – with many fun, unique, and culturally hilarious circumstances (along with wine, chocolate, and cookies!) brought by our friends.
– With the help of Felicia, Tony and I taught everyone how to play beerpong. The geographical/cultural spread allowed for new and amusing teams, such as “New World v. Old World.”
– Received two noise complaints, somehow…  ^
–  Turned in a couple of papers, and have become a vocal participant in my classes (obligatory academic ‘accomplishment’ note seemed a good idea in the midst of the more entertaining updates)
– Narrowed the focus of my dissertation
– Volunteered to be one of the opposing team members for a debate to take place in a class next Thursday. Probably ought to figure out what I’m supposed to be arguing.
– Begun keeping track of bits of British slang that I like.
– Taken on the role of “token American” in my classes, and am having immense fun with it.
Basically, things are a blast, but I am at a loss as to how to relate the nature of this experience at the moment.
In the absence of words, here are some pictures that Max took while he was here. Enjoy!
P.S. Becca, look! I wroImagetImageeImage ImageaImagenImageoImagetImagehImageeImagerImage ImageoImagenImageeImage.Image


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