Too many words to say too little

Hmm. I’m sick – which is normally a negative – but I now have zero excuse not to play Pokemon (white version) to my heart’s content – which is very much a positive. Power of Pokemon-induced joy > power of a stupid cold or something.

Let’s see. There’s really not a hell of a lot of new stuff on which to update.

The Indian food here is good. No surprise there.

I’ve started slipping into an accent when tired or drunk. … No surprise there.

I still like it here. It’s starting to feel a little more like home. Even so, I am very much looking forward to December and seeing those who I am missing, or at least most of them.

And now – I am going to reheat my Indian food and play Pokemon, possibly slipping into an accent in the process.

No surprise there.

P.S. Hey, Becca? I’ve decided to be obnoxious (no surpr-ok, ok) and mention you in every post since you are just under 99% of the reason I update this at all. Feel loved, dammit!

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