Last night in the U.S.

Well, I really ought to pack. I plan to get to that in about ten minutes. Since that’s been my mantra for a couple of weeks, it’s sure to work one of these days. Anyway, as those of you who read this probably know, Tony and I leave tomorrow. Nervous, pumped, tired, blah blah blah. Long story short, there should actually be material for a real post pretty soon. For now, suffice it to say that I will truly miss my friends and family – I’ve gotten to see quite a bit of both, lately, and it has been fantastic. Thank you for that – and sorry I sometimes had to be dragged into such excursions. It was worth it, every time.

BeccaMaxAJGarethMarkCurtisVincentElyseWillForestSamGavinAndrewDonnieandChris(topher Paul Kobayashi) – glad to spend a pretty good chunk of the summer, and most of my last few days, with you all. I’m sure I missed some people – my apologies. You still count. 😉

Also, Becca, sorry I did not call you back – I was going pretty non-stop until about half an hour ago. I’ll call you during one of the layovers or “Skype” you sometime after we arrive. I hope you’re doing well with your own big transition – pretty confident this is the case.

If anyone has Skype and wishes to add me as a contact, my name on there is allison.ann.wilson, or if searching via email address is preferable, (just gets more and more creative, huh?).

Behave while I’m gone, America. Make me miss you (no offense, Scotland, baby. You know I want you, too).
Now, I must pack!
…in about 10 minutes.

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