Well. Here we are.

Although keeping up with a blog is something at which I am sure to prove inept, the idea of following the progress and adventures of a few close friends – and, if they desire, providing an avenue for said friends to peek into my life – is an appealing one. The impending departure to Scotland – which is to take place in three days – is a somewhat daunting prospect. Never having been outside of the country (unless you count Cozumel for about six hours when I was ten, which I do not) and suddenly preparing to live across an ocean for a substantial period of time definitely provides one with a few things to consider throughout the course of the plane rides. Overall, however, this situation into which I shall soon clumsily meander is thrilling, and I eagerly anticipate the experience. The fact that I will have my own academic endeavors to pursue (as a Social Anthropology graduate student at the University of St. Andrews) suggests that further intellectual fulfillment will soon come my way, and I am absolutely ecstatic at the prospect (although my friends have definitely not left me at a loss for such things). The fact that I will get to share this experience with my fiance as he pursues his graduate degree in Philosophy at the same university (to which he was accepted before I, and so has been an invaluable source of motivation for me to pursue my own academic interests) is a pretty big plus, too.  All things considered, this will be by default one of the most life-changing experiences I have encountered thus far. I’m terrified. Luckily, it’s hard to cloak oneself with doubt or trepidation when traveling to the birthplace of Groundskeeper Willie (cartoon characters deserve respect, too), Connor MacLeod, and a Loch-dwelling sea monster who could eat these wonderful badasses. Given that these perks are rendered somewhat moot due to lack of physical existence, I’m pretty sure I’ll be content with simply acquiring a Scottish accent – a notion that makes me suspiciously close to giddy. Finally, I would like to congratulate my good friend Rebecca Blackmore  on beginning her tour with a talented children’s theater company, demonstrating once again that she is a damn good actor, so much so that she can make a living without any waiting tables on the side! Becca – you are a boss and will continue to be so. Now, time to see how much I can do in three days.

2 responses to “Well. Here we are.

  1. Good luck kid.
    I’m happy you’re getting to experience this. Seeing other places is definitely an amazing and enlightening experience.
    Keep in touch.

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